Efficient Cooling Solutions for Catering in Epidemic Summer

Column:Company News Time:2020-06-04
Efficient Cooling Solutions for Catering in Epidemic Summer
-----JHCOOL Energy-saving Air Cooler JH801 Use for Catering Industry Applications

Entering summer every year, but this summer is special because of the epidemic. How could the catering industry spend a cool summer during the epidemic? The current problem in the catering industry is to increase the usage rate of the dining table while reducing the number of people gathered, to ensure the comfort of the dining environment without affecting the cooling effect, and to have more efficient cost control.

JHCOOL JH801 portable air cooler is tailor-made for you. Evaporative cooling uses the evaporation of water to achieve the cooling effect. After filtering and cooling, the outdoor air becomes fresh and cool, then it is sent to indoor, and the original internal air is discharged to outdoor. The temperature is lower after that, and by changing the humidity and oxygen content in the arid climate, the user feels comfortable.

One unit 8000m³/h JH801 air cooler could cool 50-70 ㎡ with fresh air and remove the odor that remains on customers during meals . With 410w output power, JH801 consumes only 0.4 degrees per hour .Compared with air conditioner, it could greatly save your electricity costs. The noise is ≤ 57 dB(A) which will not interfere with the music effect in your shop nor will it affect customer's conversation. JH801 air cooler is available both indoor and outdoor. It can also increase the usage rate of your outdoor dining tables on hot summer days. Efficient ventilation and cooling also reduce the customers’ worry of eating in a closed environment.

In the summer of the epidemic, whoever can consider more for customers will have more control over their survival and profitability. JHCOOL provide you with efficient, low-cost, multi-functional JH801 air cooler in the catering industry for this special summer on 2020.