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Column:Product News Time:2023-08-29
[ Speaker matrix+Commercial Far Infrared heater]
Commercial far-infrared heater automatic networking wireless speakers released, the maximum distance between the master and slave devices supports 20 meters (experimental environment)

Commercial far-infrared heater combined with automatic networking wireless speakers released, the maximum distance between the master and slave devices supports 20 meters (experimental environment)

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Item No.                : JHNR-13D

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Imagine a bustling restaurant in the heart of a city during the winter season. The establishment has adopted the cutting-edge JHNR13D commercial far-infrared heater developed by JHHeatsUp in 2023. This innovative heater provides efficient and targeted warmth and comes equipped with integrated Bluetooth speakers that automatically form a network.

In this scenario, patrons seated within a 10-meter radius can effortlessly connect their smartphones to the main unit, enabling them to control the heating settings and play music wirelessly. Moreover, the interconnected Bluetooth speakers create a synchronized audio experience, extending up to 20 meters and encompassing the entire vicinity where JHNR13D units are installed.

This setup offers several advantages in a commercial environment:

  1. Enhanced Customer Experience: The synchronized music and heating create a cozy and enjoyable atmosphere, enhancing customers' overall dining or social experience.

  2. Energy Efficiency: The far-infrared heating technology efficiently warms specific areas, minimizing energy waste and providing cost-effective heating solutions for large commercial spaces.

  3. Seamless Connectivity: The automatic Bluetooth networking feature simplifies the setup process and ensures a hassle-free connection between the main unit and individual devices, contributing to a smoother and more user-friendly experience.

  4. Scalability: As the Bluetooth network extends up to 20 meters, this system can be easily scaled to cover larger commercial spaces, making it suitable for various establishments such as cafes, bars, and event venues.

  5. Brand Differentiation: Businesses adopting the JHNR13D can position themselves as tech-savvy and customer-focused, standing out in the competitive market and attracting patrons who appreciate modern amenities.

  6. Multi-Purpose Functionality: Beyond heating, the integrated Bluetooth speakers can be utilized for announcements, event promotions, or creating specific ambiances, adding versatility to the product's applications in different commercial settings.

In summary, the JHNR13D brings a blend of comfort, convenience, and entertainment to commercial spaces, offering a sophisticated and efficient solution for businesses seeking to create a welcoming environment for their customers.