Energy saving analysis of air cooler

Column:Company News Time:2020-07-16
Energy saving analysis of air cooler

Recently, the high temperature in the country has continued, and Fuzhou has reached 39-40 degrees Celsius. People are roared by the sun on the way to work. When they arrive at work, they always hope to be cool. White-collar workers in office buildings are blowing air-conditioning and drinking tea and coffee. What about the blue-collar workers in the factory workshop? Sweaty? Sweaty! Not fair! Helpless boss feels  bitter, air-conditioning expensive! Electricity is more expensive! there's no way!

Come to Jinghui Environmental Technology , the cool and power-saving evaporative air cooler is the best solution for cooling the workshop.

Taking a garment factory in Fuzhou as an example, we installed central air conditioners and evaporative air coolers in a garment production workshop of 2550㎡ for comparison:

1. Pre-investment : 16 JH18AP-31T3 Jinghui evaporative air coolers were installed, with a total investment of 100,000 yuan for the overall cooling project. If compressor refrigeration air conditioner is used, it is designed according to a cooling capacity of 1 horsepower per 18 square meters, requiring 125 horsepower refrigeration units with a total power of 91.8kw. The total investment of the project is at least 250,000 yuan.

2.Cooling effect:  The cooling effect can be seen in the state of natural ventilation and the cooling and ventilation of the evaporative air cooler. When the outdoor temperature is basically the same, the average temperature in the workshop drops by about 8-10 ℃ after the air cooler is activated, and the cooling effect is obvious. And the flow of wind in the workshop makes the workers feel more comfortable. Although the compressor refrigeration and air conditioning can also cool down, it is easy to get air conditioning disease due to physical discomfort caused by the lack of air circulation and low temperature.

3 Air purification effect:  After the air passes through the wet curtain soaked in water, the dust is greatly reduced. Through testing, the dust in different corners of the workshop is reduced by 40%-65%, and the employees feel that the air odor in the workshop is significantly reduced. The air conditioner basically does not provide ventilation,but the air cooler can do it . 

4 .Calculation of power saving:  The power consumption of 16 JH18AP-31T3 Jinghui evaporative air coolers in the workshop: 31680kwh/year. (Each air cooler is rated at 1.1kw), running time 12 hours/day, 25 days/month, Six months/year).

If the traditional air conditioning system is used for cooling, the total power is 91.8kw. The operating time is the same as that of the evaporative air cooler, and the power consumption of the centralevaporative air cooler is 165240kwh/year. Conclusion: The installation of Jinghui evaporative air cooler, compared with the central air-conditioning electricity 133560kw/h per year, is about 20% of the central air conditioning, that is, can save 80% of electricity.

5.Economic benefit:  The economic cost of electricity is calculated at 0.8 yuan/kwh, and the annual electricity cost of the evaporative air cooler is 25344 yuan, the water consumption of the evaporative air coolerer is 1728 yuan/year (a water consumption of 15㎏/h, water cost 4 yuan/t ), The annual electricity cost of central air conditioning is 132,192 yuan, and the annual electricity cost is saved by 106,848 yuan. Compared with central air conditioning, the use of evaportative air coolers saves 105,000 yuan per year. Therefore, the cost of investing in evaporative air coolers was recovered in the same year.

The unique cooling and ventilation functions of evaporative air coolers and the increase of oxygen content in the air can not only improve the working environment of employees, make workers work happily, improve product quality, but also save energy and save money. These various factors are one of the reasons why the evaporative air cooler is more and more trusted by people. I believe more people will feel the benefits of the evaporative air cooler to the factory, which can truly solve the sultry heat of the factory floor. Case.