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  • Outdoor wall mount heater
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Remote controlled with timer (0/2/4/6/8 hour) and 4 power setting (0/25%/50%/75%/100% power)
Heaters spread their heat more evenly and are much more effective.

1. Beautiful design: Arch shape heating panel, larger heating area, the surface is covered by unique nanomaterial;

2. With remote and red LED indicator;

3. Lighter & thinner, can be hung under an outdoor umbrella;

4. Quiet, no light, no flame, no color change; good for eye and health

5. Durable heating tube, good quality;

6. Energy saving: 99.99% heating efficiency

7.Fast heating in 5minute,Heat can be distributed evenly;

8. IPX4, waterproof, outdoor use: terrace, gallery, patio, balcony, church, garden, BBQ, gym etc.

ModelPowerCover area (m2) Voltage/FrequencyRated currentSurface   temperatureDimension   (mm)N/G weight (Kg)Container load  Q'ty

Key Features:

  1. Increased Length:

    • The JH-NR32-14B features an extended length of 2095mm, enhancing its heating coverage for larger spaces.

  2. Streamlined Design:

    • Retaining the sleek and modern design of its predecessor, this model seamlessly integrates functionality with aesthetic appeal.

  3. Hardwired Installation:

    • Designed for a more permanent setup, the JH-NR32-14B eschews a plug-and-play approach, featuring a hardwired connection for increased stability and reliability.

  4. Advanced Variable Frequency Control:

    • Like its counterpart, the heater incorporates a sophisticated 4-speed variable frequency control system, providing users with precise and customizable heating options.

  5. Transport Considerations:

    • Given its increased length, the JH-NR32-14B is challenging for air transport due to size restrictions. It is best suited for transportation using container shipping methods.


  1. Large Residential Spaces:

    • Tailored for sizable living rooms, master bedrooms, and open-plan areas, the JH-NR32-14B offers powerful heating solutions for enhanced comfort.

  2. Spacious Commercial Offices:

    • Ideal for larger individual offices or conference rooms, providing efficient and controlled heating to accommodate diverse office environments.

  3. Expansive Restaurant and Café Spaces:

    • Enhances the dining experience by delivering potent warmth to expansive seating areas, ensuring a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

  4. Retail Showrooms:

    • Creates a warm and comfortable ambiance in larger retail spaces, contributing to a positive shopping experience for customers.

  5. Luxurious Hotels and Hospitality Areas:

    • Suited for guest suites and common areas in upscale hotels, offering guests the flexibility to personalize their heating preferences.

  6. Medical Facilities:

    • Ensures consistent warmth in spacious patient rooms and waiting areas, contributing to a soothing and comfortable healthcare environment.

  7. Educational Institutions:

    • Ideal for larger classrooms, study areas, and faculty offices, promoting a conducive learning environment with customizable heating options.


  1. High Heating Capacity:

    • With a robust power output of 3200 watts and an extended length, the JH-NR32-14B efficiently heats larger spaces, providing ample warmth.

  2. Permanent Installation:

    • The hardwired installation ensures a stable and reliable connection, making it suitable for long-term use in both residential and commercial settings.

  3. Customizable Comfort Control:

    • The advanced variable frequency control system allows users to tailor the heating intensity to specific comfort needs, ensuring personalized warmth.

  4. Versatility in Applications:

    • Suited for a broad range of environments, the JH-NR32-14B extends its efficient heating capabilities to various residential and commercial spaces.

  5. Elevated Design Aesthetics:

    • Maintaining a sleek and modern design, the heater adds a touch of sophistication to its surroundings, blending seamlessly with diverse interior styles.

  6. Transport Efficiency:

    • Considering its size, the JH-NR32-14B is best transported using container shipping methods, ensuring safe and efficient delivery to various locations.

In summary, the JH-NR32-14B Far-Infrared Heater combines enhanced power output and an extended length with a sophisticated design, making it an ideal solution for efficiently heating larger residential and commercial spaces. Its hardwired installation ensures reliability, and the advanced variable frequency control system offers customizable comfort for a diverse range of applications, with transportation considerations addressed through container shipping methods.

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