JH-BF21A 1600W 600mm*300mm far infrared heater by glass panel

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JH-BF21A New bathroom heater
  • JH-BF21A New bathroom heater

JH-BF21A 1600W 600mm*300mm far infrared heater by glass panel

Application: Bathroom, SPA,Household
Cable: 1m 3-wire, 1,5 mm²
Connection: L/N/PE, 230V ~ 50 Hz
Weight: 5.1/6.8Kg
Protection: IP65, waterproof
Fittings: With ON/OFF Switch
Power: 1600W
Cover Area: 10-15m2
Dimension: 600×300×94mm

JH Glass heater provides 5-second instant heat with 1600 watts, is waterproof, and with strongly reduced light thanks to the high-quality ceramic glass screen. The heater is suitable for wall and ceiling mounting, brackets included. Heating element: medium wave carbon fiber heating elements will provide approx. 10000 hours of continuous use.

JH-BF21A New bathroom heaterUsage scenario of JH-BF21A heater

JH-BF21A display diagramJH-BF21A heater sizeUsage scenario of JH-BF21A heaterSpecific parameters of JH-BF21A heater

The JHBF21 is a rapid-start far-infrared heater designed to fit seamlessly into suspended ceilings, measuring 600 mm*300 mm. Leveraging high-temperature-resistant glass as its radiation panel, this heater boasts a power output of 1600 watts. It is versatile in installation, supporting both suspended ceiling mounting and wall bracket installation.

Application Spaces:

  1. Office Spaces:

    • The JHBF21 is ideal for heating individual offices within a larger commercial space, providing quick and efficient warmth without the need for extensive heating systems.

  2. Conference Rooms:

    • In conference rooms, the heater can be discreetly integrated into the suspended ceiling, offering localized warmth during meetings without compromising the overall aesthetic.

  3. Hotels and Hospitality:

    • Guest rooms and common areas in hotels can benefit from the JHBF21, providing a comfortable and controllable heating solution that aligns with modern design trends.

  4. Retail Environments:

    • In retail spaces, the heater can be strategically placed to create comfortable zones, ensuring that customers have a pleasant shopping experience.

  5. Healthcare Facilities:

    • Patient rooms and waiting areas in healthcare settings can be equipped with these heaters for targeted warmth, promoting a soothing and comfortable environment.

  6. Residential Spaces:

    • Homes with suspended ceilings can take advantage of the JHBF21 in bedrooms, living rooms, or home offices, providing efficient and responsive heating.

  7. Educational Institutions:

    • Classrooms, libraries, and study areas can benefit from the localized heating provided by the JHBF21, ensuring a conducive learning environment.

  8. Restaurants and Cafes:

    • The heater is suitable for creating cozy corners in restaurants or cafes, enhancing the dining experience by providing warmth to specific seating areas.

  9. Reception Areas:

    • Whether in corporate offices or public institutions, the JHBF21 can be installed in reception areas to offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere for visitors.

  10. Event Spaces:

    • Temporary or permanent event spaces can use the JHBF21 to create comfortable zones for attendees, ensuring that guests stay warm during various occasions.

In summary, the JHBF21 is a versatile far-infrared heater designed for spaces where a discreet, efficient, and quick-start heating solution is required. Its compatibility with both suspended ceilings and wall mounting makes it suitable for a wide range of applications across commercial, residential, and public environments.

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