JH-NR32-13W wifi app control

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JH-NR32-13W wifi app control

1.Tuya app wifi control heater;
2.LED display Temperature and working status ;
3. LCD screen remote controler;
4.with 4 power-setting funciton,fast heating mode
Ceiling, Wall Mounted
wifi tuya app+IR remote

1. Tuya App Wifi control heater;

2. LED display Temperature and working status ; 

3. LCD  screen remote controller;

4. With 4 power-setting functions, fast heating mode;

5. Comfortable, good for health, No smell, No light, 0 noise; 

6. Over-heat safety protection, IP Rate: IPX4; 

7. High-end design, unique structure, slim model; 

8. Can be choose 5℃-40℃ temperature setting;

9. Applicable for indoor and outdoor, terrace, gallery, patio, balcony; church, garden, BBQ, gym, veranda, pergola, awning, etc.; 

10. Certificates: CE/SAA/RoHs/ISO9001.

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