Latest design heater with bluetooth speaker, operate easily by mobile phone.
Let you enjoy warmth and music at the same time.

1. 3D stereo sound Bluetooth speaker, max connection distance is 6 meters (by iOS & Android) 

2. High heating efficiency, more energy saving than the traditional heating system

3. No noise, no wind, no smell, no light, not dry, it is very comfortable to use

4. With 4 power-setting functions: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%

5. With a function of physical therapy & health care, promoting metabolism, regulating and balancing the nervous system;

6. Stable performance, high resistant to humidity, no fire, no spontaneous combustion & explosion, no leakage, also a germ resistant and deodorization function

7. Durable, convenient & safe to use, with a long life

       Due to the special radiation design, the JHNR13 series can convert a greater proportion of electrical energy into far infrared. Therefore, you can test the surface of other imitation products to a high temperature of 900 degrees Celsius, while the surface of our products only remains at about 300 degrees Celsius. If you just need the air to be warmer, consider this carefully. The purpose of the JNNR13 series is to provide energy for human body heating through far infrared, which is different from similar products known as graphene.

ModelPowerCover area (m2) Voltage/FrequencyRated currentSurface   temperatureDimension   (mm)N/G weight (Kg)Container load  
Q'ty (20'/40HQ)

Outdoor heater

JH music heater model power meter

Advantages of JH Bluetooth Control Music Heater

What the heater looks like after packing

A heater suitable for the elderly and children

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