Remote controlled with timer (0/2/4/6/8 hour) and 4 power setting (0/25%/50%/75%/100% power)
Heaters spread their heat more evenly and are much more effective.

1、High Electricity-heat efficiency, the electric energy transformed 99% to heat; 
2、Surface temperature will reach 350 degrees, effective radiation distance for 3 meters
3、Fashion design, perfect combination with building decoration.
4、Reasonable structure, easy to install
5、Use an aluminum alloy heating panel, to  heat more quickly and evenly 
6、Covered by NANO painting, increase the service life to 50 thousand hours. 
7、Radiant after warming up, as efficiency reaches maximum temperature after 5 mins with power.
8、Safe and reliable, current leakage is less than 0.029ma ( the national standard is less than 0.5ma)
9、Adjustable thermostat, Power on/off freely, more energy-saying 

This heater is designed to provide efficient heating with its substantial 3200-watt capacity, making it well-suited for colder climates. Its popularity can be attributed to its ability to generate and emit far-infrared radiation, which is known for its effective and comfortable heating.

Given its elongated form, transportation logistics favor sea shipping for this particular product. Sea freight is a reliable and cost-effective option for shipping bulkier or heavier items, ensuring the safe delivery of the heaters to their destination.

JHHeatsup takes pride in offering a high-quality heating solution that not only meets the demands of colder temperatures but also provides a durable and efficient product for long-term use. The 3200-watt far-infrared heater stands out as a top choice among consumers seeking powerful and reliable heating solutions.

The 13B series comes equipped with a 4-speed variable frequency remote control. If you prefer to initially control it through a thermostat, you can achieve this by either configuring it through the engineering mode settings or opting for the 13A series, which does not include a built-in control system.

ModelPowerCover area (m2) Voltage/FrequencyRated currentSurface   temperatureDimension   (mm)N/G weight (Kg)Container load  Q'ty

Schematic diagram of heater usage scenarios

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