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Effective heating solutions for people who appreciate stylish abience and warmth.
Infrared heating is the perfect way to warm a space without the dusty dryness of traditional convection heating, and it consumes energy in a much more efficient way, reducing your power consumption by up to 80%.
JH heaters are used predominantly on semi-open patios or decks as well as in sunrooms and glasshouses etc.

1、 Classic style, lightweight design, good energy saving performance

2、 thermostat with remote control , with a red LED indicator (the difference between A and B)

3、 durable Aerospace heating elements, arched heating plate, large heating area, electric heating conversion rate of up to 99%.

4、 no smoke, no dust, no dry, no noise pollution, it is a new green and environmental protection and energy saving product.

5、 the function of physiotherapy and health care, promotes the metabolism of the human body, adjusts and balances the nervous system.

6、 stable performance, quiet, good safety, no light and deodorizing and antibacterial function

7、 long life, strong and durable, not easy to damage, electricity can be used, convenient and flexible

8、 the special aluminum alloy and nano painting spray, the temperature can reach 350 degrees Celsius, and the effective radiation distance is as high as 3 meters.

ModelPowerCover area (m2) Voltage/FrequencyRated currentSurface   temperatureDimension   (mm)N/G weight (Kg)Container load  Q'ty

Simple installation and operation process of heater

Advantages and application scenarios of heaters

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