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  • Stay warm, stay comfortable with infrared heat
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JH-NR18-13W wifi heater

1.Tuya app wifi control;
2. LED display Temperature and working status ;
3. LCD screen remote control;
4. With 4 power-setting functions, fast heating mode
5 Better Choose For Non-Thermal Effects
Ceiling, Wall Mounted
wifi tuya app+IR remote

1.Tuya app wifi control;

2. LED display Temperature and working status ; 

3. LCD  screen remote control;

4. With 4 power-setting functions, fast heating mode;

5. Comfortable, good for health, No smell, No light, 0 noise; 

6. Over-heat safety protection, IP Rate: IPX4; 

7. High-end design, unique structure, slim model; 

8. Can be choose 5℃-40℃ temperature setting;

9. Applicable for indoor and outdoor, terrace, gallery, patio, balcony; church, garden, BBQ, gym, veranda, pergola, awning, etc.; 

10. Certificates: CE/SAA/RoHs/ISO9001.

11. Wavelength range:4μ-14μ

The JHNR18-13W is an 1800-watt far-infrared heater with a remote control and a WiFi-enabled thermostat. It seamlessly integrates with the Tuya app, offering users enhanced automation and remote control capabilities.

Versatile Application Spaces:

  1. Living Rooms:

    • The JHNR18-13W is perfect for living spaces, providing powerful and customizable warmth. The WiFi connectivity allows users to adjust settings remotely, ensuring a comfortable environment before entering the room.

  2. Bedrooms:

    • In bedrooms, the heater offers efficient heating and the convenience of temperature control via the Tuya app. Users can set personalized schedules for a cozy and restful sleep environment.

  3. Home Offices:

    • The heater can be programmed to warm up the space before work hours, ideal for home offices, creating a comfortable and productive workspace.

  4. Commercial Offices:

    • This heater is suitable for individual offices or small meeting rooms in commercial settings, providing targeted warmth with the convenience of WiFi-enabled temperature control.

  5. Restaurants and Cafes:

    • The JHNR18-13W can enhance the dining experience in restaurants and cafes by providing efficient heating for specific seating areas. The WiFi thermostat ensures easy management of temperature settings.

  6. Retail Spaces:

    • Retail environments can benefit from the heater's powerful output, creating a warm and inviting customer atmosphere. Remote control through the Tuya app allows for flexibility in managing heating schedules.

  7. Hotels and Hospitality:

    • Guest rooms and common areas in hotels can be equipped with the JHNR18-13W, allowing guests to control the heating settings from the convenience of their smartphones.

  8. Healthcare Facilities:

    • Patient rooms and waiting areas in healthcare facilities can be kept comfortable with the efficient heating provided by this device, and staff can easily manage temperatures using the Tuya app.

  9. Educational Institutions:

    • Classrooms, study areas, and faculty offices can benefit from the customizable heating options of the JHNR18-13W, creating a conducive learning environment.

  10. Conference Rooms:

    • In corporate settings, conference rooms can be equipped with this heater for efficient and controlled warmth during meetings and presentations.

In summary, the JHNR18-13W is a versatile far-infrared heater designed for both residential and commercial spaces, offering users the flexibility to control and customize their heating experience through the convenience of the Tuya app. Its high wattage makes it suitable for larger areas, ensuring quick and efficient warmth wherever it is installed.Radiation-based wavelength access, is also an excellent non-thermal effect device

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