Professional Installation Projects

Column:Company News Time:2020-08-07
Among the many installation projects, some of them are very delicately installed. They are considered more comprehensive in terms of rationality, safety, and beauty, and they are worth sharing.

Among the many installation projects, some of them are very delicately installed. They are considered more comprehensive in terms of rationality, safety, and beauty, and they are worth sharing.

1. The shape of the air duct is generally round and rectangular. In this case, the air duct adopts a circular duct, which is strong and consumes less steel (reducing the cost of the pipe). From a structural point of view, the circular duct is more able to withstand pressure without deformation, and the rectangular duct needs more spare parts.
2. The hanger structure of the circular duct is easier to install than the rectangular duct, which is convenient for workers to operate.
3. The circular air duct can significantly reduce low-frequency noise into the building, so it will have lower noise.
4. This case adopts a Y-shaped air duct. After the air duct of the main engine comes out, it is divided into two, which solves the air supply requirements of different spatial positions and reduces installation costs. One unit of the air cooler is shared in multiple places. In addition, sponge rubber is placed between the air pipe flanges to prevent air leakage.
5. The height of the fence of the iron frame is to ensure the safety of personnel during high-altitude operations. The platform of the iron frame is carefully arranged and the operators stand stable on it. In addition, the stair for maintenance is well welded to the platform to facilitate the trouble of after-sales climbing at high altitudes in the future. The air duct and wall share the same color, and the layout is neat, beautiful, and easy to maintain.

Background: Below the air cooler are a safe fire-fighting passage and green belt in which the air cooler cannot be installed on the ground. The workshop is metal-framed, and the channel steel inside is small in size and cannot withstand the weight.

1. The frame is installed inside the green belt and does not occupy the fire safety aisle. The installation platform extends outwards in the sky to solve the problem of space occupied by large machines. Secondly, it solves the side wall’s problem which cannot be stressed.

1. Multiple 50,000CMH airflow metal centrifugal air coolers are installed side by side, which are neatly arranged, beautiful, and convenient for maintenance. In addition, it reduces the waste of auxiliary materials (such as PPR water supply pipes and wires) and reduces installation costs.

2. In this case, all the air coolers adopt cement base mode, which reduces the cost and is safer, more reliable, and firmer.

3. Static pressure boxes are installed at the air outlets of all air coolers. Following are the advantages,

3.1 Part of the dynamic pressure can be exchanged to static pressure to make the wind blow further, and the pipe can go longer, which solves the problem of excessively long ducts that has no wind at the end.

3.2 Silencing cotton is installed inside the static pressure box, which can reduce noise, and secondly reduce the vibration and noise caused by excessive flow rate to the air duct.

3.3 The air volume is evenly distributed;

3.4 The static pressure box can be used to reduce noise, but also to obtain uniform static pressure to reduce the loss of dynamic pressure. And there is also the role of universal joints. The static pressure box is well applied to the ventilation system, which can improve the comprehensive performance of the ventilation system;

4. The air ducts, in this case, are all installed along the inner wall of the building, which mainly solves the problem that the ducts cannot be installed. Make the height lower to solve the problem of the air duct being restricted by the site, and secondly solve the problem of flow velocity.

The above is only part of the installation projects. In our engineering installation, there is no fixed installation mode. We need to determine the specific installation method according to the site to solve the problem that the customer needs to solve.