Comfortable home-warm sun in winter

Column:Company News Time:2020-09-17
With elapse of time, the annual cooling season is coming. At this time, there are not only increasing shopping heat, but also decreasing temperature.

With elapse of time, the annual cooling season is coming. At this time, there are not only increasing shopping heat, but also decreasing temperature. While the memes of “long johns” and “ the Southern envy the Northern” continue to emerge one after another, it's a reminder that the heating problem remains unsolved.

What is the suitable heating effect that consumer needs after all? To answer this question, we need to go back to our daily lives:
In winter, we want a warm but less-dry beauty sleep in the bedroom, we want to have fun in the living room with our relatives and family, we want to really enjoy the bath process in the bathroom, we want to be immersed in work or entertainment in the study without being disturbed by the outside world...In each space and scene, we have different heating needs. maybe we don't even know it.
JH far infrared electric heaters, professional solutions to your needs! The far-infrared electric heater radiates the invisible far-infrared wave in the form of radiation to realize the function of heating. The heating mode of the heater is similar to the Sun. Radiant heating does not increase the temperature from top to bottom like convection air conditioning heating, it heats up the specific directions where it radiates; Far infrared is an invisible light, so far infrared heater does not like reflector heater produces strong light for heating; In addition, it is silent, low energy consumption, environmental protection, available for outdoor use, etc.

Sitting room - fashion streamline design, will not destroy your current home decoration style and living room space on the basis of more comfortable heating. Stay indoor and enjoy the comfortable winter sun!

Bedroom - electric heater has wall/ceiling mounted series and baseboard series. No light, no noise heating, offers a comfort sleep; Radiant heating does not produce dry air, so you can enjoy your beauty sleep; provides penetrate warmth from the inside to the outside, so you can feel warm winter sleep.

Bathroom -- JH has specially designed an infrared electric bath heater for the bathroom. The modern simple design is integrated and coordinated with the overall bathroom environment. It is easy to install, runs without wind, without light pollution, safe and waterproof, and easy to maintain, avoid the bad experience of taking off clothes and wearing clothes before and after bathing in southern China in winter.

Outdoor - The house usually has open spaces such as balconies, courtyards, swimming pools, outdoor tea rooms, etc. In autumn and winter, when there is no outdoor heating equipment, the utilization rate of these open spaces is particularly low. Just like the warm sun, the infrared electronic heater can also be used for heating outdoors, so as to improve the utilization rate of living area and quality of life in winter. Outdoor heating is also an upgrade to the existing heating equipment, so that winter life can be more colorful!
JH infrared electric heaters are generally mounted on wall, it reduces a lot of unnecessary security hidden danger, especially for families with children, for those who have elders in their family, infrared heating has a strong penetration, helps blood circulation, similar to the far infrared therapeutic apparatus, it is good for healthy and environmental protection.