JH-NR32-13W   Smart home appliance

Electric infrared radiant heater, 

With Wi-Fi Tuya APP control

JH-NR22-22B  Glass Panel Radiant Heater with Wi-Fi control

Smart waterproof electric IR heater

JH-NR32-13B Radiant Heater

Effective far-infrared conversion coating

Support remote control, gear switch

JH-NR18-23W  Infrared Heater 

Comfortable! Warm you like Sunshine


Infrared Radiant Heater

Remote control, Comfy warmth, Zero light

JH-NR18-13C   Commercial entertainment

Intelligent heater with wireless speakers


Glass Panel Heater 

Ceiling, Small Space, Fast heating, Far infrared ,Micro light

JH-NR18-13A  Outdoor Heater, 

Greenhouse heater, Patio Heater


Bathroom Lighting And Heating Heater

Long life,Independent Lighting And Heating, Suitable For Smart Home Control


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