Struggle With The New Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic

Column:Company News Time:2020-03-04
Struggle With The New Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic

In order to complete the international orders of air coolers and heaters on time, All staff of Jinghui technology finish their holidays and return to work. At this time, our country, our people of Wuhan, are fighting with the Virus.

This is a war without smoke.and we are all fighters!

We are facing a dark time right now.Some of us are stuck at home.Some are stuck far away from home.Some of us have lost their jobs.Some have to shut down their businesses.Some of us are cutting down the expenses.Some can’t even pay their rent and bills.Some can’t go back to school.Some can’t go back to their jobs.And some of us are still working day and night.No matter how exhausted they are,Or how dangerous it is.Some of us have become infected,and they were isolated from their families,their loved ones,and have to be alone in the wards.Or even worse,it is their children,parents,or loved ones that are infected.And they don’t even have a chance to say goodbye.The virus is rampaging.The numbers are increasing. The fear is growing.It seems that all of a sudden,the whole counrty lost its vitality and prosperity.

You’re not the only one who is worrying.You’re not the only one who is fearing.You’re not the only one who is struggling.We air all facing a dark time right now.Our country is facing a dark time right now.This is a war.It’s a war without guns,bombs,or smoke.But it’s a war with virus and fears.But we shall all be the fighters,my dear fellows.Not just the doctors,the nurses,the policemen,and scientests who should fight.All of us should be the fighers in this war!We shall fight against fear.We shall fight against uncertainty. This is going to be a fierce and cruel war.But don’t be afraid.We are gonna win this war together in the end.