Epidemic prevention and control solutions of JHCOOL evaporative cooling system

Column:Company News Time:2020-03-05
Epidemic prevention and control solutions of JHCOOL evaporative cooling system

The COVID-19outbreaks all over the world. In order to ensure the stable economic development, government urged enterprises to return to work after finish the holiday.Workshops and canteens in the manufacturing industry are assembly occupancies.If you are not careful, someone will be infected with the virus.It will affect the production of the factory and disrupt the business plan of the whole company.Samsung Electronics in South Korea is a typical case. An employee is infected and the whole factory is shut down for isolation.Recently, the collective infection in some prisons and nursing homes in China is due to the dense population.

Factory workshop, auditorium, meeting room, canteen, church, school, gymnasium, etc,it needs to cool down quickly because it's crowded.The advantages of the evaporative air cooler are fast cooling, dust filtration up to 80%, UV sterilization, providing fresh air.If usecompressorair conditionerto cool down, the biggest problem is that the ventilation rate is not enough.It's difficult to avoid the problem of virus infection.The ventilation rate of evaporative air cooler is 30 times / hour,which can efficiently avoid circulatory breathproblems.

JHCOOL evaporative air coolers with UV sterilization have been used in the above places for many years. It was first designed to prevent Legionnaires' diseases according to the requirements of some high-end users in Europe.In spring, autumn and winter, the air volume can be adjusted small to a comfortable state by frequency control for fresh air.In summer, the air volume can be increased for cooling.This is a kind of economical and cost-effective cooling equipment.

Controlling cross-infection is pivotal process of isolating the spread of the virus.JHCOOL evaporativecooling system, offer 100% fresh air, which helps to prevent and control of COVID-19, block the risk of virus imported cases, protect staffs and workers, reduce the risk of cross-infection caused by close contact in assembly occupancies, ensure for everyone’s health.